AT&T | FedEx

AT&T | FedEx

3612 Stone Creek Blvd
Cincinnati, OH

Price: $2,375,000
Cap: 6.50%
NOI: $154,387
Building Size: 5,000 SF
Lot Size: 1.15 AC

Investment Highlights

• The subject property is a 5,000 SF three tenant strip center located in Cincinnati, OH
• This site sits as an outp arcel to a 730,000+ SF grocery anchored power center that includes Meijer, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Be yond, Old Navy, JCPenney, and more
• 90% of the GLA is oc cupied by AT&T and FedEx, who are both original tenants
• Average Tenant Tenure | 11.34 Years

• FedEx is an American retail chain that provides an outlet for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping, as well as copying, printing, marketing, office services and shipping.
• The FedEx Corporation had revenues of $83.96B and net inc ome of $5.23B in 2021
• This lease is corporately guaranteed by FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Services, Inc.
• FedEx office is an original tenant that has been in oc cupancy since the center was built in 2007
• Tenant has renewed the lease 4 times, most r ecently in 2022, extending the lease until 2028

• AT&T, Inc. is the world’s largest telecommunications company by revenue (168.9B) and the third largest provider of mobile telephone services in the U.S with 101.6 million subscribers as of the end of Q 1 2022
• The lease is guaranteed by New Cingular Wireless PCS, a subsidiary of AT&T Mobility, LLC
• AT&T Mobility Corporate is a wholly o wned subsidiary of AT&T, Inc.
• AT&T is an original tenant that has been in oc cupancy since the center was built in 2007
• Tenant has renewed the lease twice, most recently in 2022, extending the lease until 2028

• The subject property sits at the c orner of the signalized intersection of Colerain Rd (35,965 VPD), located half of a mile of f Interstate 275 (74,124 VPD)
• Colerain Rd (SR-27) is the road that leads directly to the heart of Cincinnati
• I-275 is one of the major Int erstates of Cincinnati that wraps around the city, providing access to the major commuter roads of the MSA
• The property sits at the he art of a major r etail corridor | 2.8M SF of Retail in a 1-Mile Radius
• Surrounding national retailers include Walmart, Target, Kroger, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby, & many more
• Northgate Mall, a 915,960 SF r egional mall, consists of 100 stores and services and is located half of a mile fr om the subject property (3.2M Annual visits)

• The city of Cincinnati is located in the county seat of Hamilton County and is the third-largest city in Ohio and 64th in the U .S.
• With an estimated population of 2 ,256,884, the Cincinnati metropolitan area is Ohio’s largest metropolitan area and the nation’s 30th-largest
• Cincinnati is home to three major sports teams: The Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball, The Cincinnati Bengals of the National F ootball League, and FC Cincinnati of Major League Soccer.
• The city’s largest institution of higher education, the Univ ersity of Cincinnati (46,710 students), is now ranked as one of the 50 lar gest colleges in the United States
• Cincinnati is home to six Fortune 500 and seven Fortune 1000 company headquarters, making it the twenty-eighth largest economy in the U.S. and the fifth largest in the Midwest.

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