Offices Nationally

With over 80 offices nationally, we are able to leverage the investor relationships of the 1,500 agents within the organization. Moreover, we are able to couple our efforts with local brokers whose intimate market knowledge lends comfort levels to out-of-state investors.


Our dedicated research division produces more than 200 research reports annually, customized by property type and local market. By coupling our national market knowledge with local market trends, and emerging market conditions, we offer clients the benefit of innovative insights based on economic, demographic and real estate indicators.


The platform consists of more than 80 offices electronically linked and culturally oriented to the process of matching buyers and sellers. Each agent within our sales force of 1,500 investment specialists is focused on maintaining relationships with hundreds of owners and investors. Our collective access to investors is harnessed for each listing nationally through various means. The Buyers of all our brokers have access to the inventory through the agents. As a result of closing a high percentage of private investor transactions, our firm represents a large volume of exchange buyers. We have access to all buyer tiers, leading presence at industry conferences, plus local and regional investor symposiums. Our national brand as a leading broker of investment real estate and our large deliverable inventory attracts active investors seeking similar product. Our proprietary internal listing system, MNET, facilitates matching each property.